Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Breaking It to Your Child Gently

Attending to a child diagnosed with cancer is ranked among the most difficult and heartbreaking challenges parents have to face. As if it isn't enough to deal with your own pain, as the parent, it is also part of your responsibility to manage the impact of your child's condition on the rest of your family. But of the many emotional aspects that need your careful attention and consideration, none could be as delicate and challenging as handling your child's emotional needs, especially at that point when you have to tell him about his condition.

Even though painful, being truthful to your child about his cancer illness is imperative to help him adjust to his condition. Letting him know that he would be needing medical attention due to his illness is his inherent right, which you could not deny from him. Doing so would make him better understand that even if medications and doctors are daunting, they are vital in keeping his health in check. However, despite the need to stay truthful, you must break it to him in a way that neither hides the truth nor exposes it too bluntly as to scathe his innocent mind.

Contributed By: Maris Modesto

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