Friday, March 26, 2010

Three Important Cancer Screening Exams for Women

The distinction between the male and female bodies bring with it a set of health risks exclusive to each gender alone. One such risk is that of acquiring cancers. Below are the three important cancer screening tests exclusively for women:

Pelvic Exam

Gynecological health problems require women to have regular pelvic exams. It plays a vital role in detecting sexually transmitted diseases as well as the early indications of gynecological cancers. Usually done with the Pap Smear, the rate in which a woman undergoes pelvic exams depends on her susceptibility and/or the results of her previous examination.

Pap Smear

In detecting cervical cancers, doctors vouch for the effectivity of pap smear exams. Since it isn't considered as a diagnostic procedure, follow up tests are required after or along with it. Usually, it is done with a pelvic exam. Performing this test requires obtaining cells from the woman's cervix, which would then be examined closely under the microscope.

Mammograms are advisable to be taken by women 40 years of age and above on a regular basis. This process is needed to detect if there are any abnormal growth along the breast area, which may be indicative of breast cancer.

Contributed By: Maris Modesto

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