Sunday, December 6, 2009

Concept: Cryotherapy / C.I.C. A New, Better Approach to Cancer

The long wait is over and many of us did not know this that cancer is already curable thanks to the technology of new cryo-surgery they say that this type of method is already existed and the only hospital who apply this method is in china at Fuda Hospital-Guangzhou they take a histolic approach in treating cancer. Cancer therapy goes much further than just chemotherapy,radiation and conventional surgery. Along with their award winning history of successful using cryosurgery to remove solid tumors, Fuda uses immunotheraphy as the key treatment to enhance greatly the immune system - specially after hash chemotherapy to slow the spread of cancer , prevent metastasis and improve general health. Using Fuda Method we believe it is necessary to apply two lines of approach which is of equal importance and complementary to one another:

What is Immunotherapy (CIC)?

Basically refers to everything that research has shown to boost the immune system and restrict the effects of the cancer and its associated symptoms. Immonunotherapy is a general term that refers to the range of cutting edges as well as traditional medicines that we combine to enhance the body's immune system. Immunotherapy includes such therapies as:

- Cytokine Include killer Cell's (CIK)
- Dendritic Cells (DC)
- Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM)
- Mixed Vaccines

All the components in our CIC been shown to have a strong inhibiting effect on cancer. Immunotherapy is especially good for preventing metastasis and recurrence slowing the growth of cancer, improving general Health, and boosting the immune system after immune-suppressing effects chemotherapy

What is Cryosurgery?

Cryosurgery is an important technique for the removal and destruction of tumors. It destroys tumors by using cycle of freezing and thawing. By using probes that are inserted in the tumor a ice ball is formed at the tip of the probe. This ice ball grows larger and larger until it completely envelopes the tumor: Once the temperatures falls below -40 Celsius, ice crystal form within the cancer cells Once this it occurs, cell death is almost certain.

Cryosurgery's destructive effects on tumors are due to two major mechanisms:one immediate, the immune system of the patient becomes more sensitive to the type of the cancer being destroyed by cryosurgery. Basically, the body's immune system becomes more aware of that specific cancer and raises an alarm the to rest of the immune system to attack that particular cancer. Any primary tumor tissue undamaged by the cryosurgery. Basically, the body's immune system becomes more aware of that specific cancer and raises an alarm the rest of the immune system to attack the particular cancer. Any primary tumors tissue undamaged by the cryosurgery is more likely to destroyed by the immune system after cryosurgery. this response is called the 'cryo-immunological response.

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